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***UPDATE: Please! There is no need to donate to our cause. We only ask at this time for your support and voices. We want to maintain our community and be heard! Please do not feel obligated to donate to us!****

The Golden Cicada has created a welcoming environment for the community of Jersey City for years past. Upon its reopening we wished for nothing more but to continue creating an enjoyable and safe establishment for everyone in the community to enjoy. 
The Golden Cicada has very limited musical events to showcase long term Jersey City musical residents, though it is being spread throughout the community that we have applied to reclassify our space as a licensed outdoor music venue, this is not true
We focus on having an open and exciting outdoor space, where our patrons can enjoy a variety of food, cocktails and the joyous company of our staff whom are all active members of our Jersey City Community. 
Neighboring residents have come together to petition against the Golden Cicada, wishing to shut our entertainment qualities down and take away yet another establishment from our community that separates us from other cities. Jersey City has always been an arts district, creating safe spaces to always showcase artists of all kinds. However, slowly but surely we have lost many of these Jersey City staples and our true original community is beginning to no longer exist. If you have not yet visited The Golden Cicada, we encourage everyone who considers themselves a part of this community to come and enjoy the lovely environment that Golden Cicada provides.
Our entertainment license is not to become a live outdoor venue, we wish to have time appropriate artistic based events, and we do not wish to have them every day of the week or after inappropriate hours. We wish to continue creating a Jersey City community, showcasing what makes Jersey City a one of a kind home. 
So how can you, a supportive member of the Jersey City community help The Golden Cicada? 
1. Sign & Share this petition! 
2. Join us at our hearing objecting to our issuance of our entertainment license on Wednesday July 20th at 5pm in the Boardroom of the Jersey City Municipal Complex (4 Jackson Square aka 39 Kearney Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305)

3. Can’t make it in person? No problem! Send an email to our city’s directors and board members to verbalize your support and share your lovely experiences had at The Golden Cicada. Let everyone know that we are here for our community. 
Maynard Woodson Division of Commerce Director - 

Annisia Cialone HEDC Director -

James Soloman Councilman -

Joseph Barrow Division of Quality Life - 

This is not an attack on our community, this is an opportunity for us to all work and problem solve together as a unit. The Golden Cicada is here to work with our neighbors, to be open to suggestions and create a place where we can grow and work together to create environments for all of us to enjoy. 
Please give us a follow on Instagram @goldencicadanj
Questions, comments, concerns? We’re here to listen. Feel free to email us at


Thank you for your time, your love, and your support,

Your Friends at The Golden Cicada



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