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Dear Dr. Hunt and D220 Board of Education:

We are D220 families, community members, taxpayers and concerned citizens who care deeply about the school district. D220 has had a reputation as a “destination” district where parents sacrifice to send children to school attracting people from all over the world. We expect D220 to be a local leader in education setting the example of excellence in academics, integrity, and ethics in partnering with parents/guardians on the education of their children. There are two significant matters to resolve:

Request 1: D220 commit to filter Obscene or Pornographic Content across media and resources

Obscene and pornographic content has been made available to D220 students. Emails, public comments and requested reviews have not been addressed adequately and the idea of parents having to filter for this or routinely “opt out” of adult content is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Students coming across these materials online through school resources is also not acceptable (ebook, catalogs or otherwise).  While many D220 policies exist to address obscene or pornographic content (5.90, 6.235, 6.25, 7.310, 7.315, 8.25, 8.30 - Link to D220 policies) the school library policy needs to be updated aligning.  As of July 1, 2022 a growing list of books in question are as follows:

o Lawn Boy – 7 copies BHS (content includes discussion about a 10-year-old/4th grader having sex with an adult as well as giving and receiving blow jobs.)

o Gender Queer – 6 copies BHS (content includes explicit images of individuals engaging in sexual intercourse and sexual experimental)

o This Book is Gay – 1 copy BHS, 1 ordered BHS and 1 lost BHS (Chapter 9 is titled the “Ins and Outs of Gay Sex” where many types of sex between gender combinations are described in high detail. It also goes over how to build a profile and join sex apps.)

o Fighting Words – 1 copy Barbara Rose, 4 copies BMS Prairie, 5 copies BMS Station (detailed graphic descriptions of child sexual assault are included throughout the book)

o All Boys Aren’t Blue – 3 copies BHS, 1 lost BHS

Requested Actions:

1) D220 create an independent task force (that includes parent representation) to uncover the ROOT CAUSE(s) of adult content materials being made available to students and 6th grade summer reading list including Gender Queer, which contains many instances of explicit sexual content. Task force evaluate similar processes on D220 content ensuring procedures are in place to check for the “age appropriate” viewpoint and clearly document conclusions.

2) Add an option to the “See Something Say Something” page to report inappropriate content.  Investigations of reported incidents done by team independent from the reported department.  Log of these reports & resolutions made available on D220 website.

3) Adjust school library policy to filter obscene & porn content.

4) Make a public commitment reflected in D220 strategy to “age appropriate” content for students. Conceptually this is similar to movie and TV content ratings and audiences.

5) Design & perform training district wide on the new & existing policies and importance of using “age appropriate” content & materials including all types of media.  This training to include how to handle student inquiries about adult content/conversations referring student to parent/guardian.

Request 2: Do not adopt IL SB818 Comprehensive Sexual Education

Dr. Hunt indicated D220 Board will be voting whether to use or opt out of the new “health and safety” standards from SB818 once additional information is received from ISBE (this is expected by August 1, 2022). However, we already know that these standards will align with the National Sex Education Standards of which many standards range from concerning to shocking including:

  • By 2nd grade: identifying gender identities beyond biology
  • By 5th grade: describing the role of hormone blockers on young people who identify as transgender
  • By 5th grade: distinguish between sex assigned at birth and gender identities
  • By 5th grade: define and explain many gender types beyond biological
  • By 5th grade: differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity
  • By 5th grade: identify trusted adults whom students can ask about sexual orientation questions
  • By 8th grade: recall the definition of sexual orientation and that most people have a sexual orientation
  • By 8th grade: describe pregnancy options parenting, abortion and adoption

……..And numerous other concerns.

1) We implore you to vote to retain local control over the health & sex ed. curriculum used D220

2) Commit that teachers or staff in D220 will not have sexual orientation or gender identity conversations with any student without advance parental consent in writing. The situations where that would become necessary in the school environment should be rare and not part of standard curriculum or communications.

3) D220 should use biologically based curriculum, which has proven to be widely accepted and approved of by parents.

Thank you for hearing our petition and comments. We look forward to resolution.

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Way to think it through!
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What an amazing way of thinking! Great job!
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This is great work!
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You are so smart!
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Nice idea!
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Reading this made my day!
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Im very impressed!
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I love this!
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Your handwriting is so neat!
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Such a wonderful perspective on this topic!
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I love reading your essays!
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I love this! It made me laugh!
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