North Charleston Needs a Public Track!!!

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Just an update and adjustment to the original petition "Save the Danny Jones Track". 

Unfortunately, we have lost a battle...the North Charleston Government and Parks & Recreation Department has decided the existing track will be ELIMINATED at the Danny Jones Facility and they are too far along in the process to make any major modifications.

However, they have agreed to make some adjustments to the designed walking trail for the new Danny Jones Recreation Center.  Although we are grateful for some concessions and hope the City of North Charleston will follow through on their promise to us, we are still in need of a real, all-weather running track in the area.

Collectively, we have decided to continue our quest for support on a much needed track facility for the City of North Charleston.  Please consider supporting our sustained efforts to accomplish these goals for the community.  Below is the ORIGINAL petition verbiage in an effort to help you understand the history behind the petition and how we arrived at this continued challenge as of today.  Thank you again for the support in advance.

ORIGINAL PETITION VERBIAGE: Thank you for your commitment to investing in the health and wellness of the citizens of North Charleston, South Carolina.  The Park Circle Pacers Running Club and Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) would like to express strong support for the inclusion of the running track in the Danny Jones Recreational Complex upgrade plan. 

North Charleston, and particularly the Park Circle area, has long been recognized as a runner friendly neighborhood and city. In fact, we founded the Park Circle Pacers because of the demand with so many runners in the community for an organized run club.

In addition, RRCA, as the oldest and largest national association of runners and running organizations, we are dedicated to growing the sport of running. The RRCA wholly recognizes the importance of empowering all people to participate in the sport of running in the pursuit of enjoyment, health, well-being and competition.

As the only city public-use track, inclusion of the track at Danny Jones would potentially provide the following benefits to the citizens of North Charleston:

- A safe environment to run and exercise free from vehicular traffic and cyclists. Furthermore, North Charleston leaders have expressed lack of funding and improvements for schools and public access of North Charleston facilities. 
- The opportunity to provide a facility for all income levels to share because exercise should not come at a price. Not everyone can afford a gym membership but people can lace up their running shoes and utilize the track. People from all walks of life visiting and utilizing the track in a positive way for their overall health and well being. 
- Improved running infrastructure, providing a community accessible facility for running/walking fitness. A world class track and field facility could also host multiple local, city, state and national events. Visitors coming into our area benefits our local economy with spending money for hotels, restaurants and shopping, etc. 
- Community support, specifically for the youth of North Charleston having a running track for practice and healthy competition which helps build confidence and life-skills through running and exercise.
- Potential access to restroom facilities and shelter from inclement weather

As we have been made aware, North Charleston is undergoing tremendous growth and development. It is our belief that inclusion of the running track at Danny Jones will provide a simple and affordable means of exercise for the citizens of North Charleston, further empowering all to run, walk and exercise!

Thank you in advance for consideration of this request.  Please help us to maintain the level of excellent amenities in North Charleston, expand the community’s ability to meet the needs of runners & walkers alike, and enhance the city’s public status for promoting an active, healthy lifestyle, we need a public-use running track.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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