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It is well established that there are problems in our family court system. Multiple professional and lay articles have documented numerous cases in which abused children are placed in the custody or care of an alleged perpetrator rather than the custody of a nonoffending, protective parent. This happens and it needs to end! Child abuse is true, it happens! We need to believe our children and protect them. Judges making decisions for our children’s lives need to be taught on Coercive Control, which is a desperate attempt from an abuser to continue controlling their victim, when losing power over them. Judges need better training on handling our children’s living arrangements. It is imperative that We The People get up and vote for healthier, understanding, compassionate judges. More importantly hold them responsible for decisions that are made all while ignoring outcries or evidence of abuse against our children. We are asking for legislation that protects our innocent children from these controlling abusive parents and block them from using the courts to continue hurting them. We are also asking to return the child to his mother and siblings while this man is investigated. If we get this child back home he will trust the system and police officers and grow into a healthy adult that respects authority otherwise we will continue as a society raising angry adults that have no faith in the people that are supposed to protect us. 

In the video my nephew screams to his sister to help him while two officers block her from getting involved. 
Also in the video you hear the father saying something in regards to his mom getting arrested. In order to make my nephew aware of what he has caused by his outcry for help!

An El Paso judge from the 383rd district court has given primary custody to a man who is under investigation for two different sexual assaults one against his ex wife and another against his own child. The child has made an outcry that his father inappropriately touched him, he has told police, aunt, sister’s, mother, Child Protective Service and a detective during a forensic interview. The judge heard about the outcry and she felt the order she emplaced on June 9, 2022 was still a good thing and ordered the child to go with his aggressor for a whole month and after July the mother will see her son every other weekend. 

This type of stuff happens too many times in the state of Texas it needs to end! Child abuse is true it happens! We need to believe our children and protect them. 

On July 2nd my nephew was taken by force in a very disturbing way by his father in front of the El Paso Police Department. My nephew is 9 years old he was pleading for help as his father pulled, yanked, dragged and picked up in order to put him in his car by pushing, shoving, and using extreme force in order to get the child in his car. The whole time my nephew yelled, kicked, cried, screamed for help saying numerous times he didn’t want to go. At one point the father let him go when an officer approached him. 

My sister approached her son and checked him for injuries she saw scratches on his leg and arm from the dragging on asphalt. She noticed he was limping and complained to her about his neck. She asked the father to allow her to take him to the hospital since he had primary rights beginning on July 2022 she felt she needed his permission. The father said he would take him once he was allowed to take my nephew. Of course he didn’t take him. Why would he, right? After all he had caused the injuries when he decided to use force against a child. He instead once again took the child picked him up and dragged him to his car pushed, shoved, my nephew into his car while other children in the car helped hold him back from getting out of the car. My sister watched and couldn’t believe the police was allowing this she was suffering seeing her baby cry for help my nephew looked at her and said, “help me” at this point she approached the car and attempted to pull the father off her son and instantly she was grabbed by an officer who screamed to other officers who were standing by to put her in handcuffs. She was arrested, spent the night in jail and charged with assault. 

They have put a protective order against her and she has not been able to speak to her baby since that day July 2nd. The father of course is not allowing the child to call her. 
My sister had never gone to jail she has never dealt with any criminal charges in her life. 


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